Bowler Profile - John Davis, Jr.

Last Updated 02/08/2013

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Bowling Accomplishments

Tied for 1st place in the National Duckpin Youth Championships in 2005,
Won first place for the National Duckpin Youth Championships in 2006
Bowled 2 200 games in same season
Once threw 22 consecutive marks.
Had back to back 200 games in a set
I'm turning 18 soon, hope to win at least 1 star in my duckpin bowling career
Haven't bowled in a pro tour stop yet, but plan to soon.
Throwing 22 consecutive marks against Billy Koontz, spanning over two different nights at two different houses.

Family Information

Father, John Davis sr, taught me everything I know about bowling

Employment Information

Currently still in high school. Plan to attend Shepherd University.

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