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 Walt Brooks wins 2nd consecutive star defeating Dave Garriott, 159-143 at Greenmount

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Oct 4-6, 2019
@Johnson's Lanes, Hamden, CT

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Our Bowler of the Year Sponsor

January 23, 2019 NEW

DPBA would like to thank Paul Degraff for his donation towards Bowler of the Year over the years and this year as well!!

Welcome to the 2019 Season

February 15, 2019

Dear DPBA Membership,

I would like to start by thanking all the bowlers, the Governing Body, Proprietors Association, and the hosting centers for their support. Without all of you there would be no Duckpin Professional Bowlers Association.

The 2018 season again was filled with exciting bowling, with three first time winners. I expect more of the same in 2019. This year has a lot of changes. We will have an eight stop schedule, new hosting centers, new formats, new rules of conduct, and a joint event allowing women to bowl. This year will be fantastic for the DPBA. It does a lot of what bowlers have been asking for. Let us give the events the support they deserve.

There will be two new centers on the eight stop schedule for 2019. It will be the first time for the new owners of each to host a DPBA event. Tom Osborne and Megan Adkins the new owners of Suitland and Dave Richardson the new owner of Greenmount are excited about their first DPBA events. Both centers have put countless hours and resources into upgrading and improving their centers. We will visit Suitland in March and Greenmount in September for the Labor Day Classic. Thanks again for hosting the DPBA.

We also will be having the final tour event at Johnsons Lanes in October. This stop will again allow women to bowl. The format will be similar to the one we used before. We are going to be finalizing all of the details shortly. Many people have asked us to do another joint stop and we are proud to do so.

This season also brings changes to the DPBA code of conduct. The Proprietors association has been asking us to allow drinking during tour events. This is to help offset some expenses in hosting an event. This has always been a scary topic. The Governing Body decided to allow drinking during qualifying only. It is also limited to centers who sell adult beverages. There is no BYOB active bowler qualifying drinking at centers who do not serve. No exemptions. There is no drinking on Sunday at all by active bowlers and there is a zero tolerance policy for anyone violating the rules of conduct.

As many know this is the last year of my third term as President of the DPBA. There have been many things the board and I have tried to make the DPBA truly the best in Duckpin Bowling. Some have been very successful and others need some work. However, all of them have been experiences that were worth trying. I love serving the bowlers of the DPBA and have expressed interest in passing the duty to someone who shares the love of professional bowling as much as I. However, if that person does not come along I will gladly continue to work hard for the DPBA.

Finally, as always I like would like everyone to remember all the bowlers we have competed with in the past. Over the past year we have again lost people we know and care about in our world of Professional bowling. For all the families, friends, and competitors, the DPBA offers its prayers and condolences to all.

Have a great bowling season. Good luck and good bowling to all.

Thank You
Todd Turcotte
DPBA President

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2019 Bowler of the Year

Steve Dryer 460 points
Richie Hipkins 389 points
Walt Brooks 365 points
Bernie Hipkins 339 points
Kyle Shaw 318 points
John T. Zikis 301 points
Don Dove 296 points
Barry Schriefer 277 points
Jimmy Mulvihill 269 points
Paul Grohs 263 points
thru August 2019

2019 Hi Average

Steve Dryer 84 games 148.333
Don Dove 65 games 146.677
Colton Gue 45 games 145.956
Kyle Shaw 63 games 145.825
Scott Wolgamuth 57 games 144.632
Phil Dix 57 games 144.579
Mike Steinert 29 games 144.483
Richie Hipkins 79 games 144.481
Jimmy Mulvihill 63 games 144.317
Bernie Hipkins 72 games 144.236
  thru August 2019

2019 Bowler Statistics

Complete statistics for all bowlers who have bowled in the tour during the 2018 season.
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