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 Mike Herbert defeats Jesse Dietsch 151-121 at Masters

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Welcome to the 2017 Season

January 26, 2017

I would like to welcome all bowlers to the 2017 DPBA season. Last season was fantastic! There were 1st time winners, exciting final matches, and strong support of all the events. I want to thank all of our members for their support. It is what makes the DPBA the Best in Duckpin Bowling. I believe 2017 will bring more of the same.

We have seven tournament stops again this season. We will visit all of the same hosting centers as 2016. Special thanks to the returning centers and their staff for all the hard work needed to run a DPBA event and the donation of a weekend to promote professional bowling. There will be changes to the 2018 schedule as different centers will become involved. Something to look forward to.

I would like to congratulate this years DPBA Hall of Fame inductees. Superior Performance inductees include, Bernie Hipkins, Joey Sears, Roy Cochefski Jr., and Bill Honeycutt (posthumously). It is a great honor and I am excited for all. This years banquet will be in Hagerstown along with the WNDA and their inductions. Get your tickets and celebrate with us on this special night.

This year brings a first ever event to our June stop. The DPBA Governing body is excited to announce that women will be able to enter the June stop at Meadowbrook. An exciting format for us. Women will be able to enter the field as Adopt a bowlers. Paying just the entry fee. If we get 20 women entries we will qualify the top five woman scratch and one POA for the woman's side of the field. Meaning simply that women will qualify against themselves if they have 20 or more entries. We will actually qualify 6 for every 20 entries. The women will then have their own division on Sunday. We will take the winner and second from the division and they will bowl in the brackets and the chance for a star. If less then 20 women entries they will compete in the general pool. Complete details will be posted on the site. This exciting format is not in conjunction with the WNDA. It is not designed to compete or in any way detour WNDA support in any manner. It is just an addition to allow women to bowl in a DPBA event and promote Professional bowling as a whole.

I would also like to remind all of our members to support your local Proprietor Member center. The Proprietors sponsor the DPBA and help make the events possible. Special thanks goes out to them.

2017 Highlights

Thank You
Todd Turcotte
DPBA President

2017 Bowler of the Year

Jesse Dietsch 562 points
Kyle Shaw 519 points
Andy Fierlit 451 points
Randy Farlow 415 points
Bernie Hipkins 400 points
Ron Pelletier 376 points
Billy Thomas 369 points
John DeAntoniis 335 points
John T Zikis 335 points
Steve Dryer 334 points
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2017 Hi Average

Colton Gue 28 games 154.179
Jesse Dietsch 95 games 152.695
Mike Steinert Sr. 56 games 150.339
Kyle Shaw 99 games 150.303
Bernie Hipkins 84 games 150.131
Andy Fierlit 79 games 149.481
Matt Buckingham 13 games 148.846
John T Zikis 79 games 148.392
Mark Klingelhofer 34 games 147.088
Steve Dryer 86 games 146.872
View Entire List   Final 10/16/2017

2017 Bowler Statistics

Complete statistics for all bowlers who have bowled in the tour during the 2017 season.
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2017 Tour Data

Complete statistics for all completed tour stops for the 2017 season.
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