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 Kyle Shaw defeats Scott Sponheimer, 163-126 at Meadowbrook

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July 13-15, 2018
@White Oak Lanes, Silver Spring, MD

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Welcome to the 2018 Season

February 12, 2018

I would like to welcome everyone to the 2018 DPBA season. I want to thank all the board members, hosting centers, and bowlers for their continued hard work and support. The DPBA is the Best in Duckpin Bowling because of you. 

We have seven stops again this year. I want to thank all the centers that are interested in a DPBA event.  Even with the potential of as many as ten hosting centers we have to stay within our current financial goal and only schedule seven. If we were able to guarantee quality entries at more events, then we may expand in the future. This year brings Lucky Strike Lanes back on to the schedule as the first tour stop. Southside,  Meadowbrook, White Oak, Town Hall, MT Airy, and Johnson's round out the schedule. Next Season we hope to bring back a few new centers to the schedule as we work out details. 

Special thanks goes out to Paul DeGraff and his continued support of the DPBA Bowler of the year. His donation over the years has been greatly appreciated. 

As with any professional organization we must continue to look and act in that manner. Please make sure your patches are sown to your shirt. The using of, tape, pins, staples, and unsightly materials will not be allowed. Patches can be easily obtained in plenty of time prior to any event. You MUST have slacks and your DPBA shirt proper condition to bowl on Sunday. Sue will be send out the information. 

Last year was full of exciting events, new Hall of Fame inductees, new winners, and a trial of a new format. The HOF banquet was great! Nice job by Tammy Ashworth getting the venue together and the hard work done by all. Congratulations to all the inductees. You deserved it!

There were many opinions on the trial format. The DPBA learned a lot. As a whole it was an exciting event that I was proud to have been a part of. To compete against professional bowlers from both the WNDA and DPBA in the same event was something special to many. Hopefully, we can do another event like that in the future.

As always I look forward to the DPBA season. I get to see so many people. They bring great things to the game of Duckpins, and the DPBA. Over the years I have seen so many great talents pass away or just can't play anymore. The stories we tell and the stories yet to be made are so much the reasons I love being part of the DPBA. This goes out to all the members that are no longer able to enjoy sharing a weekend with us. I miss you guys. Wherever you are today, either looking down upon us or retired and dreaming about what once was. God bless all of you. 

Lets create more great stories and everyone have a terrific 2018 DPBA bowling season.

Thank You
Todd Turcotte
DPBA President

2017 Bowler of the Year

Jesse Dietsch 562 points
Kyle Shaw 519 points
Andy Fierlit 451 points
Randy Farlow 415 points
Bernie Hipkins 400 points
Ron Pelletier 376 points
Billy Thomas 369 points
John DeAntoniis 335 points
John T Zikis 335 points
Steve Dryer 334 points
View Entire List Final 10/16/2017

2017 Hi Average

Colton Gue 28 games 154.179
Jesse Dietsch 95 games 152.695
Mike Steinert Sr. 56 games 150.339
Kyle Shaw 99 games 150.303
Bernie Hipkins 84 games 150.131
Andy Fierlit 79 games 149.481
Matt Buckingham 13 games 148.846
John T Zikis 79 games 148.392
Mark Klingelhofer 34 games 147.088
Steve Dryer 86 games 146.872
View Entire List   Final 10/16/2017

2017 Bowler Statistics

Complete statistics for all bowlers who have bowled in the tour during the 2017 season.
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2017 Tour Data

Complete statistics for all completed tour stops for the 2017 season.
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